Head of the team for the NBU

Prof. Ivan Yochev Boevsky

His research interest in cooperatives dates back to the student bench (1984) and continues until now in search of the answer to the fundamental question: What are they and what is their nature?

His work activity began in cooperatives, he has a doctorate in this field and over 50 scientific publications (including with an impact factor) in German, English, Bulgarian, which have been cited over 100 times by foreign authors (a large part of the citations are in publications in Scopus , Web of Science). He works together in a number of research projects with world-renowned German professors in the field of cooperatives: Markus Hanisch, Konrad Hagedorn, Jost Kramer, Rolf Steding, Inza Teesfeld, Gerhard Rönebeck, with the Finnish professor Juhani Laurinkari and the Austrian professor Johan Brazda, with whom he has joint publications related to the topic of the project proposal.