Main objective of the research project:

To research the theoretical and methodological fundamentals and to reveal the potential of modern cooperative movement/system in Bulgaria for building new and transforming the existing cooperative business models, applying innovative solutions in response to modern constellations and challenges, and in accordance with national and European priorities.
The interdisciplinary and complex nature of the cooperative movement/system and its core, the cooperative, suggests that the main goal should be decomposed into the following sub-objectives:

1. Systematization of the theoretical-methodological fundamentals and identification of the characteristics, the main elements design of the movement/system in the historical stages of its emergence, construction, existence, and development;

2. Determination and comparison of the specific design features of the main elements of the modern Bulgarian cooperative movement/system and its core – the cooperative, in each historical stage from its emergence to the present moment;

3. To highlight the specifics of cooperative marketing management, governance structure, network structure, and strategic alliances.

4. Defining the cooperative models for doing business in Bulgaria, highlighting their potential, as a basis for developing and implementing innovative solutions in the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Program until 2030, the Strategic Road Map “COOR 2030” and the comprehensive approach of the EU “Building again, but better”.

5. To develop and offer recommendations to the management bodies at the local and national level, as well as the to the governmental and non-governmental sector in Bulgaria, to support the cooperative movement/system and the cooperatives to implement innovative solutions in the direction of achieving the goals set in the strategic documents.