University of Economics (IU) – Varna is a hundred-year-old accredited educational and scientific institution, with an institutional capacity of 13,000 students and doctoral students.

The Department of “Agrarian Economics” was established in 1990 with the aim of training personnel with fundamental, broad-profile training for all areas of modern social life that require specialized knowledge of agrarian economics and agrarian management. The Department of “Agrarian Economics” administers two majors in EQD “Bachelor” – “Agrarian Business” in full-time study and “Ecoeconomics” and three master’s programs – “Agrarian Business”, “Business Consulting” and “Ecoeconomics”. It prepares and supervises doctoral students in the “Agrarian Business” doctoral program, with an average of 8 doctoral students per year trained in the program. The staff of the scientific unit consists of 4 qualified persons and 3 main assistants, all teachers are with EQD”PhD” in the scientific specialty “Economics and management (agriculture)”. The academic staff of the department carries out multifaceted research and practical-applied activities together with national, regional and international institutions. The active cooperation of the department with representatives of business, non-governmental organizations and public administration ensures the realization of the scientific research activity and its testing on specific problems from practice, and for the last 5 years there have been more than twenty joint projects with the participation of practice.