Chief Assist. PhD Tsvetelina Marinova

The research interest in the social and solidarity economy and in particular in cooperatives started in 2013, when Dr. Tsvetelina Marinova during her first post-doc specialization at the University of Picardy Jules Verne in Amiens, France.

Then she had the opportunity to meet and communicate with a number of prominent French economists whose research activities are focused on the organizations of the social and solidarity economy and social finance. In 2019, she was a national expert of the consulting company ICF for Bulgaria on the social economy and social enterprises. Her research on the legislative framework and the development of social enterprises in Bulgaria was published by the European Commission. Basic skills and competencies: • conducting interdisciplinary research in the field of cooperative work and social and solidarity economy; research of archival documents; analyzing public policies; preparation of comparative studies; organizing discussions and conducting interviews.