Work package 5

Study of Bulgarian cooperative business and cooperative models for doing business in market economy conditions

Start and end of the work package: From 12 to 32 months


Assoc. Prof. PhD Teodorina Turlakova

Activity 5.1

Study of cooperative business and cooperatives in the conditions of transition to a market economy in Bulgaria.

Activity 5.2

Research of current cooperative models in Bulgaria and their potential for doing business under market conditions (using the example of selected regions)

Activity 5.3

Building a snapshot of the existing cooperative models for doing business in Bulgaria.

Activity 5.3

Identifying the main problems and difficulties preventing the implementation of innovative management solutions in the cooperative models in Bulgaria.

Results under WP5 of the project:

  •  Publication of at least 3 scientific publications (including in refereed and indexed journals).
  • Preparation and participation in scientific forums with at least 4 scientific reports.