Work package 3

Study of the theoretical and methodological foundations of cooperative work and its elements (attributes)

Start and end of the work package: From 3 to 15 months


Prof. Ivan Boevski

Activity 3.1

An examination of the theories of the nature of cooperative work and its attributes (elements).

Activity 3.2

A study of the classifications of cooperatives.

Activity 3.3

A study of the evolution of cooperative principles and values.

Activity 3.4

Preparation of information for the promotion of the scientific result of the implementation of the project on the Internet page of the “Scientific Research” Fund.

Activity 3.5

Analysis of the concepts of “cooperative governance” (Cooperative Governance) and “cooperative governance structure” (Cooperative Governance Structure) and derivation of their characteristics

Results under WP3 of the project:

  • Accepted/sent for printing or published at least 3 scientific publications (including in refereed and indexed journals).
  • Prepared/presented at least 4 reports at scientific forums.